A drag and drop plan board

An intuitive plan board assists tank planners to allocate available and appropriate equipment to jobs quickly and without error.

Quick and accurate information on tanks

EDI messaging from depots allows information regarding product history and location to be stored within the software for accurate planning.

System generated recommendations

By automating your tank planning process, you are able to reduce manual errors and match equipment to jobs far more quickly.

Tank Planning - Automate your processes

A planning application provides users with a valuable tool to manage the allocation of equipment to orders and jobs to suppliers, saving hours of administrative work and maximising profits. Unit information concerning product history, location and availability is kept fully up to date in the background by the immediate processing of Depot EDI messages. Users then utilise a software ‘Plan Board’ to complete the allocation process, aided by system-generated recommendations.  This valuable tool fully integrates with MRI Intermodal’s tank operating software to maximise earnings per job.

Tank Container Operating Software

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