Increase profit margins

Automated processes within the software enable quicker decision making and faster invoicing, boosting tank operator's profits.

Calculate the best routes/suppliers

An integrated vendor tariffs database enables operators to store standard agreed rates and then utilise the most cost effective suppliers and routes

Optimise investment decisions

Key data allows managers to invest in the most profitable routes and target customers in the best performing regions.

Grow the business with fewer resources

EDI and software automation reduces administration time so that operators can grow their fleets without taken on more staff.

Effectively manage your day to day tank operating process

As a specialist with over twenty years of experience, MRI Intermodal Software has designed systems to cater for every aspect of tank container operating, including preparing quotations, responding to tenders, managing jobs efficiently, controlling costs, optimising equipment, maintenance & repair, preparing sales invoices, processing purchase invoices, utilising EDI to speed up administration, financial reporting and improving performance through business discovery.


  • Provides a quotation template for particular trade routes, products and customers.

  • Automatically calculates charges for customer enquiries.

  • A detailed transport plan is automatically generated from quotation information.

  • Pre-calculated costs are allocated to each section through a mapping process.

  • Restricted access for agents to see required information remotely.

  • Orders can be generated from existing quotations and received via EDI messaging.

  • Users can quickly validate product or equipment compatibility, unit condition and whether testing is due.

  • Journey sections and costs are mapped against planned routes at the quotation stage.

  • Suppliers can use the mobile app to review load/discharge information and make real time updates to the system.

  • Documents can be created in Microsoft® Word or sent to customers using EDI functionality.

  • Users can verify purchase invoices through a dispute and approval process.

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