Purchase invoice validation

The purchase order cost allocation process with MRI's tank operating software eliminates errors when manually checking invoices and avoids unnecessary costs.

Sales invoice creation

Using all incurred stored costs within the software, invoices are produced automatically and can be sent to customers using EDI for prompt and accurate invoicing.

Complete profit control

Financial reporting is available throughout the system to summarise all costs and charges for every order, together with profit statements so managers can make quick decisions on improving profitability.

Complete financial management for tank container operators

Sales Invoice Management

Whilst each job is in operation, MRI’s tank operating software stores all relevant sales and supplemental charges, from order processing to final despatch and delivery. The system can produce a comprehensive invoice automatically at the commencement of a job or whenever the user defines, saving valuable hours and avoiding duplicate data input. Invoices can be created in PDF format or sent to customers using EDI functionality.

Purchase Invoice Validation

Manual checking of purchase invoices often leads to errors which cumulatively add up to large unpredicted costs. MRI’s purchase invoice cost allocation feature eliminates this problem. No matter how many vendors and currencies are involved, it will allow the interactive checking of all costs through a dispute and approval process. Invoices can also be received automatically by EDI. Sales and purchase invoice information can be exported to accounting applications, ensuring a smooth flow of data at all times.

Profit Control

Once trips or job sections are actualised or units are allocated to orders, costs are made ready for accrual and can be allocated to purchase invoices. Following the allocation of invoices to job costs, the actual cost is then exported to the accounts application. A financial summary of all costs and charges can be obtained for every order, together with a job profit statement.

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