Highlight variances, profit opportunities and cost savings

Track how the fleet is being used in certain locations so that management can track where assets are being used and plan future activity.

Optimise ROI (Return on Investment)

View the availability and movements of the fleet at all times to ensure the efficient utilisation of equipment.

Store complete transaction history of a tank's lifecycle

A comprehensive inventory is held on the system including full technical specifications, fittings, owner history, movement history, products carried, etc.

Auto-generation of sales invoices from contract terms

The system simply calculates an itemised invoice, applicable to the relevant contract version, ensuring that all charges are included.

Function rich software designed specifically for the tank leasing sector

MRI Intermodal provides specialist tank container leasing software to manage all aspects of the leasing process from the creation of contracts all the way through to the disposal of equipment. Its ability to record all information in the contract that is specific to tank leasing makes it the go to solution in the industry for those looking to move away from expensive inhouse solutions. All of the centrally stored contract information can then automatically create invoices, resulting in faster billing. Users also have visibility over the tank fleet at all times and can identify trends in order to make decisions which have an impact on profits.


  • Provides a flexible method to set-up and maintain the type of contracts that conform to tank leasing requirements.

  • Bookings are easily generated and tanks are allocated quickly using the system's flexible option to on-hire/off-hire in bulk, as a single unit or by EDI.

  • Following an off-hire notice, the system generates a range of customisable documents including off-hire confirmation details, survey information and repair authorisations.

  • Planned redelivery dates are reflected immediately within depot stock to identify large returns to certain areas.

  • Invoices are automatically generated from contract, on-hire and off-hire information in one central system.

  • Billing is based upon the lease contract and customers can be billed in advance or arrears.

  • A web portal empowers 3rd parties to retrieve documents and information without contacting the lessor.

  • The system records and maps all testing history, automatically calculates test due dates and produces overdue test reports.

  • The depot stock facility enables the user to see all outstanding on-hire (GATE OUT) requirements and a full breakdown of every unit.

  • Calculates investor pay-outs at a percentage of unit revenue paid either quarterly or at an alternative, user-definable period.

  • EDI messages sent from depots for on-hire (GATE OUT) and off-hire (GATE IN) information can be received using the standard CEDEX codes.

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