Automated quotation process

Using templates for trade routes, product and customers, quotations are produced quickly and automatically without errors.

Stored vendor contracts

The software stores agreed vendor tariffs to ensure accuracy and reduce the time spent producing quotes.

Control over profitability

All chargeable costs are pulled through from the quotation to invoice and each stage can be anlaysed in detail to monitor profitability.

Sales Quotation Software - Automate your processes

Using MRI Intermodal’s automated sales quotation software can save tank container operators hours and hours of valuable administration time.  Quotation templates are available for particular trade routes, product lines and customers with the ability to automatically calculate charges.  Data entry time is therefore cut substantially and manual mistakes are reduced to a minimum.  Users are then able to select the best options and issue the quotation without fuss.

Vendor Contracts are set up within the system to store standard agreed rates. This significantly reduces the time spent preparing quotations and ensures the accuracy of costs recorded against a job. Throughout the whole process, tank operating companies can control profitability and manage fixed and variable expenses in multiple currencies.

This efficient software also considers demurrage and prompts the user to invoice all chargeable costs.  Further along the process, a detailed transport plan is automatically generated from the quotation and broken down into trips or job sections.  Pre-calculated costs are then allocated to each section through a mapping process.

Tank Container Operating Software

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