Use data to improve your business decisions and boost profits

Empowers staff to ask the right questions

Business Intelligence can make searches across information from multiple systems and databases, empowering people to ask and answer their own questions.

Use visualisations to see the big picture

Compare performance against important KPIs using visual charts and graphics, helping to identify trends and implement corrective policies where needed.

Uncover hidden trends

Use data from a variety of sources to drive strategic decisions and uncover areas of non-conformance that need improving.

How can Business Intelligence help my organisation?

MRI Intermodal Software offers user-driven Business Intelligence, to provide organisations with a best-in-class discovery software product that allows the easy retrieval, comparison and analysis of data and to gain valuable business insight about key assets and other business critical information, irrespective of which software solution is in use.

Users can access a dashboard interface that can be configured to any organisational requirements and can combine and analyse data quickly and easily from MRI Intermodal applications and non-MRI sources. Uncover hidden trends and make discoveries that drive innovative decisions and ask important questions. Effective BI software empowers business users to write and rewrite reports, tweak queries and build cubes. It's easy to administer through the web-based management console, with role-based administration to deliver secure, permission based data access.

Tank container operators, for example, could use BI to boost revenues by improving the conversion rate of quotations to sales. This is achieved by clicking through to show regions where take up has been low. You could then ask which countries, sales offices, products and currencies were involved, spotting trends and taking action to reverse them.

Tank or container lessors, for example, could optimise on-hire time to maximise profitability. BI enables multiple analyses of demand for each unit type by region, depot and time of year, facilitating planning decisions concerning equipment purchase and depot recruitment.


  • Reduce the time to make decisions that drive better business performance.

  • Empower business users to perform their own analysis and reporting with Google™ like simplicity.

  • Access and click thorough data visualisations that deliver the big picture and provide important KPI analysis.

  • Load data onto remote devices, such as iPhone’s, iPad’s and via Internet connections, providing you with anytime and anywhere access.

  • Bookmark reports and leave comments for general review or for certain individuals.

  • Send report links to other users so they can review it on-line.

  • Consolidate relevant data from multiple sources into a single application.

  • Explore data associations and visualise data with engaging, state-of-the-art graphics, charts and apps.

  • Exploit self-service Business Intelligence with no need to go back to IT or business analysts for new queries or reports (can reduce IT input by 90%).

  • A complete self-service BI experience with strict data security, quality, and governance.

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