Cuts down on billing time

Clients that use MRI's leasing software for billing, report that using a centralised system cuts billing time down drastically each month.

Gain access to more insightful data

Net Book Values (NBVs) are available to instantly monitor the true cost of equipment and its replacement.

Pre-invoice billing functionality

With the ability to run pre-invoice billing ensures invoices can be validated and sent out promptly for faster invoicing.

Don't let your billing run be a drain on resources

Companies that use multiple systems to gather billing information could be missing out on vital cost savings. In-house systems often contain several elements that are not centralised causing the billing process to be heavy on administration and requiring manual input. With MRI’s leasing software, invoices are automatically generated from contract, on-hire and off-hire information in one central system.  There is also an option to run pre-invoice billing at any time during the month enables users to prepare and validate invoices so they can be sent out promptly at month end.  Invoices can be exported to a number of formats including PDF, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel™ and email.

Billing is based upon the lease contract and customers can be billed in advance or arrears and one time charges at pick up and drop off are automatically included in the rental invoicing.  Free days are automatically calculated and miscellaneous Invoicing can be used for estimate re-bills, declared lost invoices and any ad hoc invoicing.

Intermodal Leasing and Trading Software

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