Cost and time savings

Rates can be stored in multiple currencies within the system to save time when producing quotations and by ensuring that the rates are accurate, it reduces unnecessary costs.

Validation reduces costly mistakes

By having validation built within the software, it only allows specific rates to be matched with types of equipment, weights, dates, etc.

Bulk updates improve efficiency

All rates can be bulk entered or updated with metrics applied such as percentage increases to save on valuable administration time.

Procurement & Vendor Contracts - An efficient database within your tank operating software

Vendor Contracts are set up within the system to store standard agreed rates in any currency. When preparing quotations, the system can automatically match the job locations and suggest available rates to be used on that quotation. This significantly reduces the time spent preparing quotations and ensures the accuracy of costs recorded against a job. Validation is present to ensure that the system recognises which rates are valid for specific journeys, products, product loaded weights, equipment types and dates.

A multitude of rate types can be stored allowing the business to decide which rates are to be automatically selected for use on a quotation and a job and which rates are available for the user to select on a case by case basis. Particular rates can be marked as preferred rates by the business which will prompt the user to select a favoured vendor.

Contract rates can be created and updated in bulk using a range of metrics such as percentage increases and the rates themselves can be time-expired to bring forward the validity of new agreed rates with a Vendors, further reducing the time spent entering new rates and updating existing agreements.

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