Boosting the bottom line of tank operating businesses

MRI Intermodal’s tank operating software offers a mobile app to improve the efficiency of your business. This unique application has a simple and clear interface that allows truck drivers and other supply chain professionals to easily view and update job information directly within a secure area of MRI’s tank operating system.

Deploying the app to suppliers will result in the tank operator processing jobs faster, minimising manual data entry, and improving service levels to customers. Enabling your suppliers to use the mobile app will result in faster invoice processing, reduced administration costs, and happier customers, ultimately boosting profits for tank operators.

  • Vastly improve operational efficiency.

  • Increase data accuracy significantly.

  • Empower suppliers to update jobs on the move.

  • Gain faster revenue recognition and boost profits.

  • Eradicate waiting times for supplier notifications.

  • Available as a native mobile app (iOS & Android) and web app (Edge, Safari, etc).

Tank Container Operating Software

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