Get quick access to data

Detailed information is retrieved quickly for each stage of the procurement and sales process.

Keep an accurate inventory

At every stage of the sale, the inventory is updated with a user specific status to assist with the allocation process.

Capture costs in detail

Both incurred and rechargeable costs are captured in detail and calculated using stored tax codes, transfer values, Net Book Value and Maintenance & Repair information.

Equipment sales software - giving you access to profit and loss calculations

Effective equipment sales software gives you access to key sales data in one central system and reduces costs by saving administration time.  Sales personnel have instant access to profit margin reports for help with negotiations and profit and loss calculations are accurately recorded to help control and guide future sales pricing.

Sales orders can be stored and viewed in an easy to use single screen and retrieved using an extensive range of selection criteria.  Customer records, quotations, approval requests, invoices and release documents are easily generated in a range of formats.  Information can also be exported to financial ledgers, saving data input time and a detailed reporting tool allows users to analyse vital information.

Intermodal Leasing and Trading Software

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