Lock in all rate options

Easy contract creation using leasing rates and options that can be pulled through to the invoice later in the process.

Flexible date application

Choose when to apply selected contract versions to automatically calculate accurate billing.

Create multiple versions

Eliminate the need for the duplicate data entry by creating multiple versions of a contract from templates.

Dedicated Contract Management for the leasing industry

The contract management functionality within MRI Intermodal’s leasing software manages various lease types including Master Leases, One Way Leases, Long Term Leases, Lease Purchase, etc. It records various rate options including fixed daily, monthly, year, volume and time step, as well as lease terms such as minimum days, free days and Early Termination Option.  The main advantage of such a dedicated system is that it provides a flexible method to set-up and maintain the type of contracts that conform to industry requirements.

If a contract is re-negotiated or extended, a new version can be easily created from the original or a standard template, eliminating the need for multiple data entry.  Once agreed, contracts can be applied from any date during the month and the system will simply calculate an itemised line on an invoice, applicable to the relevant contract version. Following the entry of all relevant information, contracts can be printed directly from the system as either Microsoft® Word or PDF documents.

Intermodal Leasing and Trading Software

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