Validation of unit compatibility

Quickly matches suitable units with the requirements of the order and flags up if any testing is due.

Fleet Optimisation

Have visibility over your tank container fleet at all times to monitor equipment usage and future allocations.

EDI utilisation to reduce manual processing

All charges are pulled through from the quotation and EDI is used to upload, verifiy and process orders with suppliers.

Order Management Software - Automate your processes

Orders can be generated from existing quotations and they can also be received and processed via EDI. The system accurately matches a suitable unit at the nearest location to a job and users can quickly validate product/equipment compatibility, unit condition and whether any testing is due. A quick summary provides visibility over all units and their allocation or use at all times. In this way, the software optimises equipment usage and actively ensures operational efficiency. EDI can upload, verify and process orders from and to suppliers that integrate with the EDI system, removing the need for manual input.

Journey sections and costs are mapped against planned routes at the quotation stage. Users are able to analyse planned events against actual events to assist with job costing and vendor management. EDI messaging is also available to receive order status information and to update customers and vendors.  When demurrage is applicable to a trip, it is entered against an order and charges are calculated based on the duration of each section. Documents associated with an order such as the Bill of Lading, Loading Notification and Trucking Advice can also be generated by the system.

Tank Container Operating Software

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