Easy contract generation

Contracts are created using industry standard requirements, including fixed daily, monthly, year, volume and time step rate options as well as free days, early terminations, etc.

A centralised repository

Companies that lease, sell and trade containers can manage daily business operations in one central system, saving significant time and money by reducing manual tasks.

Identify key trends to boost sales

Planned redelivery dates and sales trends are reflected immediately within depot stock to identify large returns to certain areas and sales campaigns can be managed accordingly.

Faster billing time

Billing is based upon the contract using all stored terms from one central system. This combined with the option to run pre-billing to prepare and validate invoices cuts billing time drastically.

Container leasing and trading software in one central solution

MRI Intermodal provides a flexible and scalable solutions that can be used by start ups and small leasing and trading organisations or the largest of global leasing organisations. Used within the industry for nearly forty years, MRI's leasing software can help to grow your business much more quickly than using an inhouse system.


  • Monitor the entire acquisition process from container creation to availability in the depot.

  • Store costs accurately and export directly into other systems, such as the financial accounts.

  • Provides a flexible method to set-up and maintain the type of contracts that conform to industry requirements.

  • If a contract is re-negotiated or extended, a new version can be easily created from the original or a standard template, eliminating the need for multiple data entry.

  • Each booking affects the inventory status of equipment, reserving specific units for on-hire and forcing the required quantity to be entered so that the depot stock function can identify outstanding requirements.

  • All off-hire charges entered in the contract will default through to off-hire entry, ensuring that the correct charges are invoiced at all times.

  • Planned redelivery dates are reflected immediately within depot stock to identify large returns to certain areas.

  • Invoices are automatically generated from contract, on-hire and off-hire information in one central system.

  • An overview is available of all units currently in depots and users can view by location or equipment.

  • Sales order functionality enables users to reduce administration time associated with the sales process, maximise profits, decrease storage time and enhance the sales flow.

  • Profit and loss calculations are accurately stored to help control and guide future sales pricing.

  • Automatically generates emails for dispatching quotes, invoices, release notifications and bills of sales.

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