Validation to avoid disasters

Built in validation prevents products being assigned to tanks that are not suitable or those that have not passed adequate testing.

Comprehensive history of all incidents

Allows all details to be recorded along with investigation results and even allows third parties to be billed for charges incurred.

Bespoke email alerts

The system can trigger alerts to any interested party when non-conformance related actions occur.

Dedicated non-conformance software

Quality, Environment, Safety and Health (QESH) is an ever-increasing concern for tank container operators as the number of loads and the range of products and hazardous materials being transported increases. The system helps mitigate risk with robust validation including but not limited to which products can be loaded into which tank, tank certifications, minimum and maximum fill ratios and special loading and discharge instructions.

A dedicated non-conformance module allows the business to record events against jobs and maintenance and repair records when deviations or incidents occur. The business can record when the event occurred, what happened, why it happened, who it affected as well as details of any required follow up actions and investigation results. Any resulting costs can be recorded and a recharge facility allows the business to bill a cost to a selected third party.

Bespoke email alerts can be triggered from each stage of the non-conformance lifecycle to notify interested parties of key information ensuring deviations or incidents are handled efficiently resulting in improved internal procedures and customer service.

Tank Container Operating Software

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