Blog April 21, 2014

Is it time to stop avoiding the cloud?

By Nicola Byers

Whilst the pros and cons of cloud computing may be regularly debated by the IT team, many FDs and CFOs are still afraid to take the plunge despite being familiar with the clear benefits that it can offer.

Cloud computing brings with it many advantages to the end user and the demand is growing globally for hosted solutions as many businesses look to procure these throughout the organisation. So why not do the same when it comes to intermodal equipment management?

If businesses take the option to manage their intermodal equipment fleet on a hosted solution the software can be fully functional within a few working days, meeting the corporate demands for improved profitability and equipment optimisation.

A hosted solution also ensures automatic upgrades so the software is always up to date. This is a key consideration for compliance requirements, particularly if an investor is involved. What’s more, all upgrades can be achieved without any disruption or impact on user productivity.

Whilst we do understand the hesitations of a large proportion of risk-opposed FDs in moving their equipment management to a hosted model, the benefits on offer should be well considered.

After all, life is better with your head in the clouds!