Blog September 24, 2012

Containers – spotted!

By Nicola Byers

Here at MRI Intermodal, we always have our eyes peeled ready to spot containers that belong to our customers or are used for unusual purposes. It’s usually the case that we see them as we pass by on the motorway or when visiting customers near ports such as Rotterdam! However over the summer, we were pleased to have spied three containers in much more interesting circumstances and thought we would share them on Intermodal Eye.


I was lucky enough to get tickets to the London Olympics this summer and had a fantastic time watching Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah win gold for team GB. I also got to see the amazing Jamaican sprint team, starring Usain Bolt, break the world record in the 4 x 100m relay! As an avid fan of the BBC highlights programmes, I was delighted to see that the filming took place in a container studio at the Olympic Park. Is there no end to their usage?


My colleague and fellow container spotter Techno Cliff was delighted to spot a customer container whilst on holiday in Vancouver this summer. Don’t worry, he didn’t spend his entire holiday searching for one! He happened to be wandering through Gastown and came across a container owned by our customer – Beacon Intermodal. Great spot!


One of my colleagues from the Asset Management Division here at MRI Intermodal spotted a new restaurant on the South Bank in London. Wahaca has a quirky use of the container here to entice people in!