Blog October 13, 2014

Containers in New Zealand!

By Nicola Byers

Here at Intermodal Eye, we don’t let our reporters rest even when they are on vacation, so here are some container spots that my colleague came across on a recent trip to New Zealand.  If you are a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that we love a quirky use of a shipping container!

This is the perfect coffee shop which even provides its own seating area!  Located on the Tauranga waterfront, an old shipping container has been transformed into a modern cafe selling coffee, finger food and ice cream.  You can see that when it is closed, it resembles more of its original form:

Boxed Coffee2

Boxed Coffee looking more like a container!

Car Park

When you need a booth for a car park attendant, an adapted container is the perfect answer! Easy to construct, rainproof and economic – what more could you ask for?

Waffle Supreme

Containers make perfect kiosks and Waffle Supreme here has adapted this fire red container to make a nice stop for those in Auckland wanting a sweet hot snack.  There is even a canopy to shield you from the rain and in the summer high stools are provided for outside seating!