Blog July 23, 2015

Container Express Inc selects MRI Intermodal’s leasing software to steam ahead with business growth

By Nicola Byers

MRI Intermodal is delighted to announce that Container Express Inc, an American container leasing company with its main operation in Brazil, has selected Rental4000, MRI Intermodal’s specialist intermodal leasing software, to streamline business operations during a growth period for both its fleet and customer base. The primary office for Container Express is located in São Paulo and its many containers are located in a large number of locations throughout Brazil. Container Express also operates one way leasing in other continents (to and from Brazil) and has a fleet of offshore, DNV certificated containers. Furthermore, it owns and leases customized modules such as those for Ambev, the world’s leading beer manufacturer.

Prior to implementing Rental4000, Container Express used a locally developed bespoke system to control its fleet; however the billing was processed by different software. As both the fleet and the number of customers grew, the leasing company decided it was time to look for a more specialist offering and to streamline all of the operations into one system. “After some research”, explained Eric Polakiewicz, director at Container Express, “the team and I decided to select MRI Intermodal as our supplier because its system had all the leasing functionality that we were looking for within one central solution.

“With the expected growth of our business”, continued Polakiewicz, “we knew we had to purchase software that could easily manage a higher volume of transactions. With constant pick-ups and deliveries, a new system had to help us control stock in different locations and enable us to manage the maintenance and repair of the fleet.

“Of course there was a period of adjustment, as there is with any new IT system”, said Polakiewicz. “However, we received excellent support from MRI Intermodal which took us through all the processes step by step. We were able to correct previous input errors as we went along and the software soon began to run smoothly.”

Container Express is already experiencing impressive time savings, especially when it comes to billing. “Being able to manage the whole process within one comprehensive system improves accuracy and saves time verifying invoices against contract details” continued Polakiewicz. “Fleet control is also much improved as we can see all the past movements of any specific unit.”

MRI Intermodal is very pleased to welcome Container Express to its expanding customer base of container lessors, strengthening its presence in South America. Like many other medium size leasing companies, Container Express has ambitious growth plans and recognises that an effective IT system is essential to both streamline processes and to ensure that costs are controlled.