Blog September 24, 2012

A free guide on calculating the Return on Investment of an intermodal IT system

By Nicola Byers

To maximise profits and compete in a demanding market, forward thinking intermodal companies must take full advantage of the latest technology, continually review their business processes and upgrade or replace front-office systems.  Decision makers should compile detailed information in order to assess the benefits of implementing a specialist software package such as:

  • Reasons for change
  • Current system issues
  • Strategic benefits of both types of system
  • Predicted costs over next five years for both systems

When calculating the Return On Investment of a prospective new IT system, it is just as important to calculate the cost of not implementing a system, i.e will current systems incur more costs over time than new software.

The strategic benefits are often equally as important as the financial implications.  These include points such as:

  • Can a new software packages be implemented quickly, with current and historical data being transferred seamlessly?
  • Is the system more functionally rich than alternatives, providing increased business advantage?
  • Will internal IT recruitment and training issues be reduced considerably?
  • Will the system be continually enhanced and updated to take full advantage of new technology?